Taking a dive.

Ever get jealous? I guess I do. While on maternity leave I dove pretty deep into the blogging world and I became a "follower" of multiple incredible blogs. As I dove deeper and deeper I discovered some amazingly talented people; photographers, designers, creators, mothers, daughters, writers and more. Most of the time I was just left wondering how these people have the time to be so amazing? I have to schedule taking a shower let alone being a creative genius. The jealousy was setting in. Well lately I have been realizing I need to stop - stop looking and start doing. I can't just sit back and LOOK at other people fulfilling dreams they have while I have dreams of my own sitting at my own doorstep.Time to stop diving into others peoples world and dive into my own.

Carey and Eric (May 18, 2010 at 5:17 PM)  

Just imaging how many people look at you as that AMAZING person. KNOW that I am one of them!!!! From your husband.

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