California Dreamin'

It was on again, off again and then on again kind of vacation. Planned only a few hours before we needed to leave. We were escaping the heat and heading for San Diego. Because it was so last minute I hadn't prepared the usual lists of things to bring and instead resorted to one bag per person throwing in everything I could think of. Lo and behold that works - who needs lists! With a cheap place to stay (thank you in-laws) and Sea World tickets bought on-line we were set. After a fabulous Saturday morning breakfast at The Pancake House we headed for our first family of four trip to Sea World! Let's just say the place was a hit. We probably were not even in the park 30 minutes when we spotted Elmo in the Sesame Street play ground. Renn was the second kid in line for pictures and loved every second of it. 

We enjoyed Shamu, penguins, flamingos and Daddy getting pooped on. 
The new dolphin show was not so much of a hit. 

On Sunday we headed for the bay and beach area. Renn was enjoying the sand so much that he dove face first, mouth open into it. And was LOVING it! 

But, not enjoying the water. 


Avery got to meet her Aunt Sammy for the first time. 

And to top off an already excellent trip we had some good ole' fashion hang out time at Grandpa Bill and Grandma Angie's house! What a blessing! 


It was a great vacation had by ALL!

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