Declaring War!

Alright, it is time to declare war on the baby weight!
Yes, I realize those of you that read this do not need to know this but putting it out here helps hold me accountable. The week I found out I was pregnant with Avery was also the week I had reached what I called my happy weight from being pregnant with Renn so I am ready to get back there again. Here is what needs to happen: no more Blue Bell Ice Cream in the house - done and gone, no more easy meals (mac n cheese and fish sticks) and no more non-diet sodas. The best thing for me to do is shop at Trader Joes, I am always tempted by healthy choices there (don't know if it is the layout or what?)
Also, because I know I love sweets and if I starve myself of them then I easily fall off the band wagon the plan is to use substitutes (I know the tricks from my weight watcher days). Right now I am loving the vanilla/mango soy ice cream and the mini chocolate soy ice cream bars from Traders. Number two thing I can do for myself is plan ahead! Yesterday, I grilled a bunch of chicken breasts so they are good and ready for use this week. Last night we did chicken, squash and coos coos (sp?) and then tonight we will add it to a salad. Number three thing I need to figure out is exercise. Hmmmmm...where to fit it in? The Wii Fit we have is great and I know it will do the trick just need to pick the time, claim it and name it! I am thinking morning, 4:30? The sound of that is dreadful - but I think I can, I think I can! And the number four thing I can do for myself is allow myself 3 "freebie" meals a week.
I am going to do this in two parts.
War one is against seven pounds that will put me back to my happy weight and war two will be against the other five pounds that put me back at my dream at little dream weight.
Get ready seven pounds here I come!

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