Gas Nightmare

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I did NOT drive home from work (30 miles) on a basically empty tank of gas.
The next morning I did NOT get to the gas station on fumes only to realize I didn't have my wallet.
I did NOT then drive back home (on less than fumes at this point), find my wallet, get back to the gas station and fill a 21 gallon tank with 20.2 gallons and then drive off with my son's side of the mini van door open for more seconds than I want to admit.
That very same day I did NOT pick up my kids from preschool, head out to the car  in over 100 degrees only to discover that I was unable to find my car keys. And I seriously did NOT stand out in the heat with the kids searching through the car, the diaper bag only to finally give up and head back to the office area to find them at my desk.
It was NOT a car fail kinda day.
I am NOT sticking my tongue out at my car.
And I am NOT thinking I should be a bit more organized.

Jenilee (July 5, 2010 at 5:26 PM)  

i hate loosing my keys. i've done that... search everywhere and it's super hot or cold outside. now I have an outside pocket in my purse where I try my hardest to keep them. uhm... try to anyway. :)

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