A Spoiled "not" Me.

Once a month I have a weekend off. It is our quality time with the whole family since Mr. Bailey works a Monday - Friday job and I am Tuesday - Sunday. This weekend we took a divide and conquer approach. Some family time, some me time, some Mr. Bailey time and some Mr. and Mrs. Bailey time. During this time I...
did NOT finally get the new iphone 4
did NOT sing to Pat Benatar at the top of my lungs (by myself in the car)
did NOT get my hair cut
did NOT get my brows waxed
did NOT go crazy in Target on summer clearance
did NOT make some cute bows to give as gifts with upcoming birthday presents
did NOT get over 9 hours of straight sleep. Do I hear a AMEN???
did NOT get a pedi with MR. BAILEY!!! Yes, he rocks!
did NOT get the sushi I have been craving
did NOT have shopping fun with Mr. Bailey in Michael's...and he did NOT love looking at all the stickers!
and I seriously did NOT have an amazing weekend. Till next month!

before pedi

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

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