what's to come

last week I did not getting my blogging for the week done on Sunday night 
so I promised myself I would simply take the week off and 
get some much needed organizing done. 

let's see what really happened last week:
made dinner for the in-laws
watched the Bachlorette finale and was actually surprised
fell asleep at 8p.m. telling Renn stories
sewed a huge backdrop for our Wanted: by God set at church 
realized I need a much more heavy duty sewing machine
& got 1/2 my craft drawers organized.
not exactly the plan but not too bad.

with all that out of the way I am back to blogging. what is to come this week you ask?
- update on Renn's pen pal project
- treasure trove tuesday with freebies
- daddy + daughter pictures
- the faces of Renn
- another walk down memory lane on wednesday
- some summer lovin pictures on thursday
& some funnies for friday.

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