Going offline

for a good cause.
I seriously heart my new found blogging world. Looking at blogs, joining linky parties, developing my own blog posts but I am going to go offline for a bit. Two weeks, maybe more...hopefully less. Honestly, I am already feeling withdrawals coming.  
It is time to focus the spare hours I have a day (8:30-11:00 p.m.) on my Cravings: Desiring God in the Midst of Motherhood project. 
The publishers proposal has been checked, double checked and finally triple checked (thank you,editors!) which means it is time to begin the process of finding a publishing house to pick-up this God given vision. In my dreams it will be like magic! But, I know the reality is that this process will be tough and come with some hits along the way. 
The goal is to have it to as many sources as possible before my 37th birthday on October 1st. 
Sooooo here I go! I will be thankful for any prayer requests you lift up. 
I will include some details below.

Project Summary:

Cravings: Desiring God in the Midst of Motherhood is a series of 5x7 devotional flashcards based on the book of Psalms. The devotionals will provide a scripture reference along with a “thoughtlet” that will encourage mothers of young children to challenge themselves and grow in their relationship with God.
Prior to becoming a mother, I had quality daily devotional time: Bible reading, journaling and regular prayer time. I could have never imagined a life without this constant time present. But, in an instant, everything shifted. When my son was born, I simply could not figure out how to fit my devotional time into my day. When he slept I either slept or tackled the long “mom” list of things that had to get done. I allowed other things besides my time with God to be the priority. But I was having cravings.  Just like the cravings that come with pregnancy, I was craving my God time.
I view my entire life as an act of worship. I can worship God in each action of my day: cleaning, feeding, cooking and even in changing diapers. I began to accept this shift in my devotional time was a new season of my journey with God. Still, I longed to figure out a new, purposeful way for God and I to have intimate times together.
God kept whispering to me “make it easy, make it easy, Carey”. God’s prompting led to the development of 5x7 devotional cards. I place these cards in locations I frequent the most in my day like the car, microwave, changing station, bathroom sink and more. These cards provide a nugget of scripture and a “thoughtlet” that challenges me and helps me grow in my relationship with God. Each card presents a brief opportunity to assuage my craving.
I want to share this technique. Prepared cards can provide women with a convenient means of fulfilling the craving they have for God in the midst of their busy day.
Rather than being a traditional book, this product is a set of 40 black and white devotional flashcards (see example card). One side contains the scripture and “thoughtlet”; the other side is a high contrast black and white image that could be used to visually stimulate a baby while mothers read the devotional. The cards will be packaged in a box, envelope or plastic pouch depending on the most economical approach. 

The Art Work & Samples:

Anonymous –  (September 20, 2010 at 9:17 AM)  

Carey, I will be praying for open doors and for all of the pieces to fall together quickly and easily. I love you and have received so munch encouragement from you and your intimate relationship with Jesus. I can't wait until the world will get to be a benefit of all the gifts and talents God has placed inside of you. Blessings as you enter this next journey of your life. The next will be a speaking tour:) Christal

Sarah (September 20, 2010 at 11:32 AM)  

LOVE this Carey :) Exactly what we, as mothers, need. ...and fashionable too! Blessings to you on this grand adventure!

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