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A few friends and I hosted an evening shower for our dear friend who is getting married in LESS than two weeks.We chose to have the party at The House of Tricks in Tempe and while it is a lovely spot I just couldn't help but provide some custom table decor. I wanted to do something to match our invitations so I decided to make some black and red tulle topiaries that I set upon some silver leafed candlesticks I had. To top it all off I showered the balls with some spray glitter for a dash of glam.

 Here is the "how to" on this project.
foam ball
tulle in spool form in colors of choice
floral picks
straight pins
glitter spray paint

cut your tulle into squares. I spread the whole roll out into sheets and layered the sheets on top of each other and cut in bulk.
 Then put your squares into stacks threes. 
Gather your stacks of threes at the bottom to form little clusters. Put your clusters of three together and tack them together with a straight pin. So you should have three clusters with three squares of tulle in them each. If I had had more time I would have stitched them together at the base.  
Using a floral pin attach the tulle clusters to the ball. I had a floral ball because my original intent was to do flowers. It would have worked easier with a white foam ball.  
Work in whatever pattern you like. I was doing a black and then surrounding it with reds. 

work and work and work until you have a really full ball. This one resembled a rock stars hair to me.  
And then top it off with some spray paint glitter. 


freckled laundry (October 4, 2010 at 6:03 AM)  

That is very cool, Carey. It turned out beautifully. Such a simple to do statement piece. I might attempt something like this for my Christmas table centerpiece with white tulle to resemble snow puffs. Thanks for linking up your sparkle to my party! ;)

Erin@likegrandmas (October 4, 2010 at 10:55 AM)  

Carey, thanks for stopping by and checking out Brooke's Bunny! I have an Avery too, she is almost 9! Looking at your Avery, I remember those times with mine too :) Love the decoration, I think it's a great alternative to a flower, and will last way longer. Looks terrific!

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