dream BIG. week two

I continued my dream BIG adventure by reading TWO whole pages of Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. It is NOT that I don't want to read more it is simply because it takes so much to even process the two pages I have read. Here is a glimpse into the stands outs for me in those two pages. 

Quote pg. 12
The whispers of our dreams often get suffocated by the constraints and pressures of our everyday lives. 
Wow! The word parenthood could sum up the above quote. 
In my vocation I get Mondays as my day off. My Mondays pre-motherhood were dreamy. Sleep in, hot tea, journal, and read. Catch a movie that I wanted to see or take myself on an Artist Date (Artist Way.Julia Cameron), throw an errand or two in and you have a glorious day. 
Now my Monday picture is to wake up a tad groggy, feed kids, change diapers, do dishes, put away laundry, MAYBE take a shower, MAYBE eat, pick up toys, feed kids, change diapers, do dishes, repeat!
That can sound bleak and some days it feels like everyday life is suffocating me. But, my Mondays also include playing, dancing, laughing, painting or coloring, playing outside, sliding down slides and LOVING my kids. The point is that it is my PERSPECTIVE that takes it from suffocating to dream giving. 

Quote pg. 12
Inner yearnings are our living dreams
Yearnings? What are those exactly? Things that tap on you, bring you a smile, make you think and think and think. Things that you find your mind dreaming about and wishing for. 
Only you can say what your inner yearning are! 
Anyone who knows me well can easily tell you that mine have always been to write, create, dream, and coach others. 
Thankfully I get to do a certain amount of that through my vocation but there are ways that I can push myself farther. It is my job to push the yearning into a living and breathing dream. 

Quote pg. 12 
Even the most intuitive and self aware artist can benefit from testing the limits of her/his creativity and pushing boundaries of her/his comfort zone. 
I think the natural response to this quote would be HOW? How do I push my boundaries? My answer to that has been: read.retreat.conference.try! 
My choice favs:
Artist Way by Julia Cameron
Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli 
Let your Life Speak by Parker Palmer
Pre-motherhood I took myself on two personal retreats a year. Once you start looking you will be surprised how many local possibilities there are. Book a room at a bed and breakfast, check churches for woman's retreat or google retreat centers in your areas. I suggest going with a goal, even if that goal is relaxing! But, know what your mission is so that you can walk away from your time feeling accomplished. 
Right here right now I promise to begin this again once Avery is 1 1/2. Keep me accountable?
Conferences are always boundary pushers for me. While expensive sometimes it is worth the investment or sign up to "work-it" and listen in for free. But, again a lot of local churches or organizations will offer opportunities at little or no cost. Google is a beautiful tool!
Last but not least in the end you simply have to be willing to TRY doing something new. It may push you forward or it may push you to the ground but at least you will have tried. 

Quote pg. 13
Our whispers also tend to reveal themselves in subtle ways to people who we feel closest to
This can be powerful. When a friend or friends speak into you life and encourage you in your dreams you can feel excitement. This is also a place to put your radar flags up and make sure what they are speaking into your life is what God wants for you. 
Case in point. Over the last year I became ridiculously obsessive about party planning. I love looking at blogs, dreaming up ideas for my own kids and friends. I LOVE IT! Friends have been encouraging, they ask for ideas, and help. A few have gone as so far as to ask why I don't turn it into something more? And while the idea sounds fun I know what God has asked of me and it is not to be the next AZ party guru. 
On the flip side when God gave me the vision for Cravings close to 2 years ago I kept it close to my heart till I was ready to be brave and own it as something I was going to bring to reality. Once I was ready to share I was open to friends thoughts, feedback and help. When I went into the solicitation phase of the product I had prepared myself for a long haul to finding the RIGHT company to pick it up. Ready for discouragement I was overwhelmed when I was immediately meet with willingness. It only took me 8 weeks to find the right fit but I credit that to being a God given vision and being open to Christian friends giving me input and direction.
The point here is that we shouldn't let a friend lead a vision. Make sure it comes from God first and then let your friends pour into that vision.  

Quote pg 13
The next time you catch yourself beginning a sentence with "One day, maybe I can...or if I had more time, I would..." take notice
My "if I had more time" list is: I would...simplify, organize, read more, and write more. 
My "one day" list is: One day...I will be a published author. I will be a full time mom and wife. 
My "maybe I can" list is: Maybe I can...make an impact on mom's who desire to know God more, impact young woman who struggle with body image, help churches around the world have quality children's curriculum. 
The best thing I know how to do when there is a to-do list in front of me is to create an action plan. Guess I know what my personal 6x6(Axiom Bill Hybels)looks like. 
Question for the week:
What is ONE new thing you can try this week? Don't question it, over think it, or worry about it. Just try it. 

Ginger (January 19, 2011 at 8:34 AM)  

You are speaking my heart language! :) I asked for this book for my birthday - we'll see if it makes its way here soon. It's amazing to me - how I can have clear vision from God, amazing support from friends and acquaintences and still let fear or routine get in the way. Today - I say NO. Thanks for sharing!!

Sarah (January 19, 2011 at 1:01 PM)  

Thank you for the INSPIRATION! Much needed...

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest (January 21, 2011 at 7:56 AM)  

Thanks for suggesting this book to me! It looks like something I could really use. I need some encouragement right now!

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