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I am thrilled to be sharing a guest post with you from Cristen of Sassy and Chic. She WON a custom designed party by THE Kate Landers!!!! Can anyone say JEALOUS???? You can check out all the details of the incredible party on her site. We are privileged to get a tutorial of the adorable invitation.
Without any further adieu...
Cristen says...
This Vintage Silhouette Party was so much fun to create. In creating this party with Kate Landers, she gave me the advice to take one design element and continue it throughout the party. Great advice that translates perfectly to any party theme!

I chose to go with 2 main elements: Silhouette and Doilies
You'll see these 2 items used throughout the entire party. One or the other or both is used in nearly every aspect along with the color scheme of  light blue and peach.
It made for a very cohesive, beautiful look when all was said and done.

The Invitations:
The invitation sets the tone for the entire party. It gives the guests a peek into what they can expect at the event. I knew I wanted to incorporate both the main elements.

STEP 1: After a few trials and errors the invites came together. I used a simple light blue paisley scrapbook paper that I cut into 5x7 rectangles for the base.
STEP 2: I then printed the invitation wording onto 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of light blue cardstock. I then cut them into 4x6 sizes to allow the border to still be seen.
STEP 3: I changed the coloring of Savannah's silhouette (created by Yes'm Creative on Etsy) to a light blue and printed it onto a sheet of velum. I cut these into 4x6 sizes as well.
STEP 4: The fun part - putting it all together! I laid the blue cardstock and velum together on top of the 5x7 paisley and once I got it where I wanted it, I punched 2 holes about an inch apart.
STEP 5: I slipped 7/8" blue satin ribbon through both the holes on top so only a solid strip was showing. I didn't want anything to fancy here.
STEP 6: I laid the invitation on a 12" doily and cut the bottom and top of the doily so it only stuck out on the sides. I centered the invite on the doily and wrapped the 2 sides of the doily around the invite so they overlaped just slightly.
STEP 7: Another idea I took from Kate was to add some type of ribbon around the invite like it was a little present. I love any excuse to use a bow and ribbon so I was in. I think it really gave the invite that final touch it needed.
Fabulous, huh? Thank you for sharing Cristen!
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Lissa (Bellenza) (July 20, 2011 at 3:41 PM)  

Thanks for the great tutorial! And a great tip from Cristen there: stick to 1 or 2 key design elements and use that to anchor the entire party. The fabulous results speak for themselves!

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