Wounded Solider

When I go to the store with both kids (only done it three times) I truly feel like a warrior headed into battle! I check and double check that I have all my needed supplies ready and waiting for anything that may come my way. Sippy cup, check! Snacks, check! Debt card in easy to reach place, check! Pacifier, check! Baby Bjorn carrier, check! List of supplies needed, check! and last but not least Coupons organized and ready for transaction, check!
This week I headed into Target in need of supplies such a diapers, wipes, toss and take sippy cups, rice cereal and a few other odds and ends. But, I was armed and ready to score with the bill because I had a serious stash of coupons. As I was cruising the store we were doing great. Avery in her carrier and Renn in the cart and there was no drama what-so-ever. I loaded up with multiple boxes of diapers, wipes, etc... the cart was full to the top and I was headed to check-out when all of the sudden I realized my coupons were amiss.
Where HAD they gone???? I began checking all pockets, the diaper bag, the cart, panic was beginning to set in. This trip would be pointless without all the coupons. Would I put everything back or would I still buy? Questions began swirling in my head. Had I left them at home, no way! I had touched them and reminded myself of all that I had before entering the store. Were they in the car? I started retracing my steps through the store. Had I set them down by the diapers? NO, NO and NO! At this point I had begun talking to myself in the store and was trying not to freak out that I was about to reach my max point with the kids in the store. Should I wave the white flag now and just retreat before it gets bad?  I decided to stay the course. I slowly but surely began to look through the full cart, taking everything out. And sure enough somehow, who knows how, the coupons were in the bottom of the cart. VICTORY!
We race to the front of the store for check-out knowing I only have a few minutes left of happy happy joy in the kidos and make it across the battle line. I was a solider that may have left a bit wounded but not beaten!

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