treasure trove tuesday: july 27

Inspiration Treasure: 
Wow! This is amazing. 
What an incredible way for a family to celebrate the life of their daughter. 
Check out the details here.

Supply Treasure:
When planning a party the perfect place to go is Kate Landers Shoppe. Her stuff is my dream world - so unique, classic and perfection in every way. Her parties will blow you away.  

Party Treasure:
The next party we throw will be a Retro Milkshake Bar Party. 
Fabulous! details here
This site has amazing "sweet treat" ideas. 

Crafters Treasure:
Do you need some craftiness inspiration? Or do you have something to show off? Check out this site. Details here.

Wrapping Treasure:
I love wrapping almost as much as I love stationary. 
This twine is wonderful. I got my sample set order of each color last week. Will be ordering more red and green for Christmas wrapping this year. 

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Sweet tooth Treasure:
Hello!!! Check out these pillow case cookies. I will be soon as the baby weight is gone! Who am I kidding...I will be baking asap. 

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