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I am by no means an expert decorator or have any formal training in the art but here are a few tips that help me. 

Fall in love and then count to 10.
I saw this piece in an antique shop in Pinetop,Arizona and it was love (Think Lady and The Tramp kind of love)
I NEEDED this piece of furniture but the price tag was going to sting. After the arrow in the heart feeling wore off I began to continue to wander the store till I made my way back to the one I could not live without. 

I then began to chat with the store owner. It didn't take long for me to start falling deeper and deeper as I heard the history of finding this piece in a barn somewhere in the mid-west (how romantic).
I mentioned to her how much I enjoyed her store and selections and then I did the unthinkable...I walked away! You read that right I walked away. 
It was critical. I needed to know if this was forever love or a crush. Was I willing to have this piece be my birthday, Christmas, anniversary and happy 1/2 birthday present? Did I dream of it that night? Would I cut my toe off if I left town without it?
After 24 hours the answers ALL came back "YES!"

I proceeded back to the store and after a few back and forth conversations on the price this sweet baby became mine. 
And I continue to love love love it!

Other peoples trash is your treasure.
This was found in my in-laws cabin shed. I heart it very much! The distressed look, the green that pops out and the fact that it once lived in Hawaii all make me happy. 
I knew I wanted to make it a focal point so I began to gather other things I already had around the house. The lantern formally lived in my backyard, the hook was in my garage, the buffet was in another spot in the house.The vase was actually the only item I purchased. 
Put is all together and what do you get? A shabby chic entryway for a total of $40.00. 

Suggestions for turning trash to treasure approach is to schedule a weekly visit to your local Goodwill and make sure you put your imagination cap on (my mama is the bestest at this), raid your family and friends garage and finally think about rearranging things you already have. 

Pick a style and stick to it.
Contemporary, traditional, or shabby chic? Before you decorate anything make sure you have a vision for the space. Collecting pictures and images that are inspiring the area you need to decorate always help me. 
For my baby Avery's room I knew I was going shabby chic all the way! 
photo by carrie fay photography
This bench, found in a thrift shop, was the piece that the room ended up being designed around.And yes, I practiced the count to 10 rule with this piece as well. Because the bench has so many colors going on and her room was already painted in a bold color (Revival Rose by Dunn Edwards) I knew I needed to go neutral with the rest of the room. Two trips to an antique shop, a couple of purchases on Etsy and a handful of online purchases and this is what I got. 

the below photos are from carrie fay photography

It is exactly what I wanted and envisioned. 
Here are my favorite websites for decorating tips and inspiration.
Shabby Nest
A Pretty Cool Life
My Sweet Savannah
Creature Comforts
Design Dazzle
Freckled Laundry
Happy decorating and possibly redecorating!
Got a decorating tip? I would love to hear it. 

Amanda (September 6, 2010 at 1:44 PM)  

Thats such a beautiful cabinet! Great find! In our apartment in the states, I also had a window. I found it at a junk store, and it was so beautiful and I fell in love! HAD TO HAVE IT!!! So I got it :)

Tucker –  (September 8, 2010 at 8:18 AM)  

what a beautiful room!

Cherry Blossoms (September 11, 2010 at 5:03 PM)  

Very pretty! I love finding these DIY projects!
PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog!

freckled laundry (September 12, 2010 at 8:00 PM)  

Your spaces are beautiful, Carey! I adore your $40 entryway and LOVE that shabby chic nursery. You do a wonderful job with your vignettes. The frame wall looks amazing. I'm smiling at the little pip squeak on the bench. So cute! Thank you so much for your sweet words on my facebook page.


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