Treasure Trove Tuesday

an update
It has become crafting week at my house. Therefore I haven't found time to do the typical weekly blogs so I thought I would give an update from an item on last weeks Treasure Trove Tuesday.
I really wanted to buy one of these:

But, then I saw this on How Does She?
And I thought I can do that. 
So I made this:
There are plenty of mistakes because I just didn't take the time to make it perfect. But, the tutorial above is great and you can make it in under 2 hours. 
Things I would have done different:
  • Found a more burnt orange felt rather than parking lot cone orange. UG!
  • Made one handle like in the original rather than two
  • If it had been for a holiday I actually enjoy I would have done the hand stitching around the edges like in the original. 
Renn thinks it is great and is already carrying it around. 
What more do I need?
I am planning to make mini versions for his classmates so I can hand out our churches Halloween Tailgate Party information. Hopefully, they will want to come.  

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