Dream BIG

"What do you make of this? A farmer planted seed. As he scattered the seed, some of it fell on the road, and birds ate it. Some fell in the gravel; it sprouted quickly but didn't put down roots, so when the sun came up it withered just as quickly. Some fell in the weeds; as it came up, it was strangled by the weeds. Some fell on good earth, and produced a harvest beyond his wildest dreams." Matthew 13:3

I happened upon this little lady in the day after Christmas sale at our church bookstore and it was love at first site.
Her head cocked, her mis-matched style, and then there were the words she wears on her heart: Dream BIG!
It will be my 2011 mantra, theme, wish, desire, and hope.
I think my family would agree that I have always been a dreamer. Since I can remember I have had vivid dreams as I sleep. Some actually coming to reality. My mom says my nightly dreams were the reason she got me my first journal. It gave me a place to document the crazy details of the nightly lands I would visit.
I also never hesitated to dream about my life. Dreams of being a mommy, school teacher, dancer, actress, youth director, and children's book writer. Eventually as I got older I simply dreamed of being a person that  desired to live a healthy life. With the intent to create and share as Christ calls me to.
Since I am not a stranger to dreaming what will "dream BIG" mean to me for 2011?
I came to realize over 2010 that dreaming can be just dreaming. While fun...in the end it is wasted time. The other option is that dreams CAN become a reality and bigger than you can ever imagine. If normal it will not happen with the snap of your fingers, it will take hard work, and for me it takes an action plan. I LOVE action plans! But, it is knock your socks off cool to watch dreams become BIG dreams.
I have some specific BIG dreams for 2011(our family has some separate goals). Do I hope to accomplish them? You bet! Do I think I will 100%? Nope! ( I have already failed today) And I am willing to say that now - but I also know I willing to try. I am up for the challenge of dreaming BIG in 2011.
My lady sits with me beside my bed. Each morning I will look at her and be reminded that I can sit and just dream or I can step into the day and plan to dream BIG!

* The Little lady is from the Kelly Rae Roberts Collection. I have already gotten her book and am in awe! I will be sharing from it on Wednesdays. 

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