Dream BIG! week one.

chapter one. page one. 
Have you ever had a book you were so enamored with that you can’t even turn the page? I have a new one. Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. I am only two pages in because I keep reading those two pages over and over and over again. I am trying my hardest to soak in the words, apply them and let them challenge me.
Pg.  11: “Do you have an inner voice, a gentle whisper quietly nudging you to listen?... It may just be a whisper, a small voice tucked deep inside the pockets of your heart, but really, it’s your life calling.”
As a Christian I call that whisper the Holy Spirit. A powerful being that moves me, shakes, pushes, pulls and changes me. It nudges and I am supposed to answer. If I am honest I sometimes send it to voicemail. I avoid even listening to the message because I don’t want to move from where I have found comfort. But, my heart knows it needs to pick up the call.
Pg. 11 “We must make the unconscious conscious”
When the Holy Spirit calls the immediate response should be “I am here! What do you need from me?” Otherwise called ACTION! For me I am usually filled with questions when the whisper happens. Speak up, I can’t hear you! What do you mean? How in the world can this happen?  Why should I? Are you real or are you just a crazy voice in my head? But, I also know from experience following the call helps me discover who I have been created by God to be. Following the call uncovers my potential that I can’t even see. Following the call changes me, which changes those around me which has a trickle effect into the world.
Pg. 11 “Once I started listening …buried dreams became unearthed and creative joy exploded into my life”
BAM! I love exploding JOY!!! Over the break I gave up my daily blog so that I could focus on family time and catch up on my kiddos blogs. I was faced with some questions for myself about my personal blog. Why does it exist? It exists for me. I started it as a place that would be all my own where I could record my life. In becoming a mom, which I love dearly, there was a part of ME that got lost. It was all about them and I felt a piece of me had vanished in the process so I started With Joy.  I had no idea what would be unearthed from there.  I am daily watching people in the blog world explode with creative joy and it is so motivating to watch. The number of people out there that are creating and writing their Holy Spirit driven stories are so inspiring. What I love is how unique each story is. No two repeat. 
I am in the midst of listening and responding to a call. It has been a year and half since the call for Cravings happened on a car ride to Big Bear, California. I sat on the call for 9 months. Asking a lot of questions and frankly questioning the call. But, I eventually listened, pushed, and moved into an ACTION phase. It was and is terrifying. Will it be reality or stay a buried dream? Will it succeed or fail? Every day I tell myself it doesn’t matter because it was about responding to that whisper that nudged.
Pg. 11 “Rediscover your dreams...They are real and possible.”
What whisper have you heard in your life? What scares you about the whisper? What steps can you take this week to move that whisper into an action phase?

Anonymous –  (January 12, 2011 at 9:18 AM)  

Hi Carey,
Eric pointed out your blog on his FB page (I went to High School with him). It's so interesting to me that you're writing about this 'whisper'. I just started a bible study and our church sermon series is now about hearing God's whisper. I am working on that as well. Maybe being directed to your blog was in a way a whisper from God directed to me. :) Thanks for sharing... Kelly

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