I'm a mess.

I love organization.
I can be organized
and I can organize things.

But keeping things organized fails me. I wish I could blame this on kids but alas I have always been this way.
For accountability here is the game plan.
March 1-6: Clean up from Avery's party and sewing missing buttons and torn hems.
March 7-13: Closets. Give-a-way clothes packed up and gone, shoes organized and prep for Spring/Summer
March 14-20: Back hutch where EVERYTHING lands and the junk drawer.
March 21-27: Pantry! I probably have 5 brown sugars.
March 28-31: Whatever I didn't finish!!!! (no excuses allowed!)
Wish me luck! Or even better join me. :) Or triple better if there is a fairy god-mother out there that wants to come do this I will send you my address stat!

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