being a commoner

I took myself to a movie this week. Once a weekly activity in my life has now become a rare rare treat. I went to see The King's Speech at the recommendation of my mama.

Now the key to this story is that as I was buying the ticket to see it I was in a pity party place. Wondering who I thought I was to try and make an idea I have into something big? Wondering why I dream of having this product on the shelves of Barnes and Noble? Wondering if this idea is worthy of a web-site? Basically, I was filled with self doubt.
But, I was excited to see the movie. I have always had a fascination with the Monarchy. The history, the "glamour", the outfits. :) I won't giveaway anything for those you who haven't seen it but the basic gist is that one of the princes (Bertie) has a severe speech impediment. They inlist the help of a man named Lionel to coach Bertie through his struggles. Here is what I loved about the Lionel character.
He was confident.
He didn't make excuses for his rules.
He believed in his methods no matter what.
He pushed boundaries.
He was a commoner who dreamed big.
He made an impact in the world.
He said he was sorry when he made mistakes.
He loved his kids and family.
He was fabulous! And I will remember his character for a long time to come.
He may have started as a commoner to the price but he believed and knew he was more. And in the end he changed the princes world and became his friend. A treat for a prince.
Thanks Bertie and Lionel for the encouragement!

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