Going Green.

I am not someone who would ever think that a stay at home mom doesn't work and work hard. But, as someone who has a job away from the home there has always been something romantic seeming about being a stay at home mom. With Avery's birth I have gotten to play stay at home mom for the last 9 weeks. And right now I am wondering where the romance has gone? The bit of time I do get to myself  between feedings, play time and putting her to sleep I am then met in the face with a list. Should I do the
take a shower,
start laundry,
put away laundry from last week,
pick up the billion toys that are all over the house,
finish thank you notes,
work on Renn's upcoming birthday party,
check and respond to email,
pay the bills,
clean out a closet,
run errands,
send out Avery's birth announcements,
figure out dinner for the night,
update Renn's baby book,
or be selfish and work on a project I have been dreaming of,
OR there is THE NAP that always calls!
Seriously, I don't know how stay at home mom's do it! It all seems endless.
Now, a few weeks from now when I head back to my outside the home job I know the tears will begin to roll and I will miss this world terribly. Funny how we always think the grass is greener on the other side.
I think the lesson learned is to cherish where we are in the moment.
Gotta go...the laundry is calling!

Momma2Vaughn (April 20, 2010 at 1:20 PM)  

This post seriously sums up my life! For me, it's "what should I do when Vaughn is napping that I can't do one handed when he's awake." LOL! Good luck with returning to work. Love seeing pictures of your beautiful family :)

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