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Do you have drawers or maybe closets like this? 
If I take the time to go through my stuff it is amazing what can be created from the extras I have. I have become such a fan that I have decided to make it a Monday feature. Hope it inspires you to dig through your drawers and  
create something new.  

I knew Renn was going to be Mickey Mouse this year since my mom had found this costume for him at a Goodwill. He is thrilled, can you tell?
I decided it would be cute for Avery to be Minnie. There are so many cute costumes on Etsy but I just couldn't bring myself to pay $40.00 for something she would wear once. 
My original plan was to make her a traditional Minnie outfit with red and white polka-dots but again spending money on something that she MIGHT keep on for 60 minutes was just making me twitch. Thus the digging began! 
ribbon from teacher thank you, tulle from glitter balls and black felt from trick or treat goodie bag = MINNIE MOUSE!!!!
I found some elastic in my sewing bag and along with the leftover black and red tulle made the tutu. I will say making the tutu was a bit more time consuming than I planned. 
I wanted a red onesie with white polka-dots but I couldn't find a red onesie for under $13.00. But, I have plenty of white onesies on hand. With the leftover black felt, some circle tracing and iron on paper we have a winner. 
This onesie...she actually might wear again. 
My mom knitted the adorable ear hat. Add some red and white polka-dot ribbon that was lonely in the ribbon drawer and we have the finished product. 
Can't wait to see this cutie in the outfit!

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Susan @ Entertain Exchange (October 26, 2010 at 5:35 AM)  

This looks so cute - after you take pictures of her in it submit it in my Handmade Halloween Contest - starts now!

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