dream BIG: week six

I continue to enjoy the journey of reading Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts.
In the next  few pages {24-27}she encourages us to PLAY with art. For her this means using:
papers, paint, glue, fabric and more to create paintings or journals.

What does it mean for you to PLAY with art?
Does that mean paper and pen?
Does that mean fabric and a sewing machine?
Does that mean playing with various ingredients and a oven?
Does it mean playing with items from your closet to create a new outfit?
It looks different for each of us.
As I started this book I was also in the beginning phase of being "crafty" for Avery's 1st birthday celebration.
As I read this book I decided I was going to shift my perspective while planning the decor for her party.
Rather than being crafty I was going to be artsy. Each area I decorated I decided to treat as a canvas. I wanted to walk away having created the perfect "painting" even if that meant giving up getting decorations done for other areas.
I decided to play with mediums of art that I have never explored before so I could discover new things and places in me.
It brought me so much more satisfaction in each finished product. Knowing I had done it with a different eye than I have ever used before.
What is it that tempts you? What do you see other people doing that you wish you could do? Try it...you never know what might come of it.

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